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Sky Jackson
Born in California
29 years
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my dear sweet Skyler, I was thinking back about when Cade was born. I remember when you came to visit us in the hospital. You know that you were the only guy friend that came to visit, besides one of Dan's air force buddies. Actually, besides the two of u guys, I can't think of anyone else coming. I know it was Christmas and not easy to get on base, but u made it work. I am so glad u got a ride with Nicole to come on base to the hospital. It meant so much to Dan and me that you came to see us and meet Cade. I don't think I ever told you how much that meant to me, I wish I had, but I guess I thought I would have you forever. I guess that was stupid of me to think, I should know better by now about not having my loved ones around forever. I just hope you know my Skyler that you were always in my heart and always will be. I cherish our friendship. I love you forever.
Alexis Nicole
3 words... BarBQue.. Volcano... Tanisha... GOOD times!!
First time I met you Sky was over at Trevors place off of the 22. I came over to hangout after work with Trevor. I remember thinking to myself, man these guys resemble Vikings! You and trevor being such big guys, and the back to back measurements ensued to see if I was taller. Then you guys talking how you want to train me to be a "monster". Ha. I'm gonna miss drivin' to work with you in your truck bumpin' reggae, wakeboardin' out in LB  and just talkin'. You and Trevor are such good listeners you'd understand whatever scenario I was talkin about no matter what, and then give me some words of advice. Gave me a job with more than fair pay. You were a great friend Sky, I am thankful we met. I am gonna miss you man!
Amanda Palmquist
The first memory I have is meeting you by the ping pong tables at camp and then you sang I Shot the Sheriff at camp Karaoke.. until the last time you were well enough to hold a conversation and I saw you in LB before you made your trip up to Grass Valley. I cherish every time we hung out and every phone conversation in between those 12 years. You will always be in my heart and will live on in Zion and each person who loved you and loves you still. Fly with the Angles and rock out in Heaven with your dreads Sky
One Love always
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